Environmental initiatives

We may love the colour blue at Benson Radiology, but as a company, we believe that being green is essential. Our environmental initiatives allow us to continually give back the communities that have supported us for so long.

In a partnership with Greening Australia, Benson Radiology employees annually participate in the planting of trees in local communities for Arbour Day. Our wonderful staff have so far assisted in the planting over 6000 trees across South Australia.

We have also made a deliberate effort to offer the supply of online imaging in place of hardcopy film which can be damaging to the environment. We find many of our referrers prefer this method of image delivery on both environmental and clinical grounds.

A Practice-wide environmental education program is in place, training our staff on our recycling programs, targets for reduction in paper and other consumables and also on the reduction of energy consumption.

We continue to take seriously our journey towards environmental awareness and reducing our impact.