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Terms of acceptance of nomination

I/We, the Practice named above, accept your nomination that I/we be appointed as a registered user of Benson Connect, Digital Imaging. I/we understand that this will require my/our agreement to install the Inteleviewer – Benson Connect software on my/our computer. I/we understand that I/we may either accept or reject the installation and acceptance will be on the terms of the “Licence Agreement for Use of Benson Connect by Nominated Recipient” (These terms and conditions of use will be displayed at initial logon by each user).  I/we agree that any person who installs the Inteleviewer Benson Connect Software on my/our computer does so as my/our agent on my/our behalf.

Confidentiality agreement

I may be granted access by Benson Radiology to the Benson Connect database (Benson Connect) in order to view, print, and download patient diagnostic images and reports.

My access to and use of any images and/or documents stored on Benson Connect will be bound by and subject to relevant provisions of:
(a) the Privacy Act 1988 and National Privacy Principle 2 (relating to the use and disclosure of health information);
(b) Benson Radiology’s Code of Conduct; and
(c) Benson Radiology’s Privacy Policy.

I agree to indemnify Benson Radiology and its directors, officers and employees for any liability, loss or damage resulting from or consequent upon any breach by me or failure to conform to any of the above.

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