Self service with Break-Glass

No need to be granted access to radiology studies any longer.

Benson Radiology has now enabled the Break-Glass feature within Benson Connect. This allows you to access your patient's studies on those occasions when you weren't the originating referrer.

How to use Break-Glass:

  1. Search for your patient as normal in InteleViewer (if you don't have access to those images a message will prompt you to use the Break-Glass feature)
  2. Click the 'Break-Glass Access' button
  3. Read and accept the terms of the confidentiality agreement
  4. Enter the patient's date of birth (YYYYMMDD) and click 'Search'
  5. Click 'Access Patient Studies'
  6. You will then return to the search screen where you'll notice the patient's ID is already pre-populated
  7. Simply click 'Search' and then you'll have access to all studies for that patient

Please note: you may need to upgrade your version of InteleViewer in order to utilise the Break-Glass feature.

If you have any issues accessing Break-Glass, please contact Benson Connect support on 1800 776 504 or