Different ways to access imaging

If you have a current Benson Radiology InteleViewer account, you can access our digital imaging in a number of ways. If you would like us to arrange an account for you, simply complete the application form.

InteleViewer is a desktop solution that provides access to patient images and reports through an easy-to-use and secure web portal.

We can simply install the small application to each computer. A specific URL/bookmark is used to access the data from the Benson Radiology PACS system.

InteleConnect Enhanced Viewer (EV)
InteleConnect EV is an extension of InteleViewer. It allows patient images and reports to be viewed from any web-enabled device such as a PC, tablet or smart phone.

InteleConnect EV also allows you to set up email notifications to alert you when reports have been completed.

No software is required, simply add https://secure.bensonconnect.com.au/Inteleconnect to your favourites so Benson Radiology is always at your fingertips

InteleConnect app
The InteleConnect app for your iPhone or iPad can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store.

As with InteleConnect EV, the app allows you to access your patient's images and reports anywhere, anytime.

It also allows you to set up push notifications to alert you as soon as reports or images are available.