Radiofrequency denervation

Benson Radiology now provides radiofrequency denervation (or radiofrequency ablation) of lumbar facet joints.

This is a treatment option for patients with chronic lower back pain which is of facet joint origin and has not responded to conservative measures.

There is evidence of good short and long term relief based on recent randomised controlled trials (American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, 2013).

Careful patient selection is essential. This procedure can provide a successful outcome for those that:

  • have had chronic back pain that hasn’t responded to conservative measures
  • have had a diagnostic scan to exclude significant pathology
  • have had a good response (at least 50%) to diagnostic medial branch blocks at selected levels.

The treatment itself is performed by a small group of specialised radiologists at our Ashford Specialist Centre branch under CT fluoroscopic guidance as an outpatient procedure with local anaesthesia.

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