How to use it

Searching for patient studies

  1. Choose file and search frame or click the search tool icon
  2. In “Patient Name” enter the patient’s last name followed by a comma and the first name eg. lastname, firstname
  3. Click search. Studies will then appear. Simply double click the study you wish to view

You may choose to filter your results by date or by the type of examination

  1. Clicking on all dates will open a drop down box with date filter options
  2. To filter by examination type, simply click on the box next to the desired examination type

Searching by Patient ID or accession number is not recommended. Keep filters to a minimum initially and add them if you receive too many results. To clear filters click on the reset button.

If you like to learn more about using Inteleviewer – we’d be more than happy to make some time to conduct a demonstration for you. Simply contact us at or on 1800 776 504.