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Benson Radiology leading the charge with new breast cancer detection tool

Benson Radiology already enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a leader in breast imaging. Now the Practice has become the first imaging provider in Australia to introduce the GE Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) technology.

ABUS acquires ultrasound images of the breast using an automated 15cm wide transducer.

The ultrasound examination doesn’t use any ionising radiation and is quick and comfortable for the patient. The entire breast is scanned and then presented to the Radiologist in a three dimensional volumetric view.

As an adjunct to traditional mammography, an ABUS examination is a powerful tool for those women who have been demonstrated to have dense breast tissue.

Benson Radiology’s head of breast imaging Dr Jill Robinson said the introduction of this technology was exciting and added to the armoury of tools available to image the breast.

Benson Radiology is delighted to be the first in the country to adopt this technology,” Dr Robinson said.

We’ve been a keen observer of how automated breast ultrasound has developed over time and investing into this technology has been a very deliberate move.

We’re excited about the fact that we can now offer automated breast ultrasound as an adjunct to other breast imaging.

We believe it will be extremely useful for patients with dense breasts. Also, it will complement the other tools we have at our disposal and become an important part of an integrated solution for breast health.”