Automated breast ultrasound (ABUS)

Benson Radiology is the first imaging provider in Australia to introduce GE Invenia automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) – an ideal investigation for women with dense breasts.

The service is available at our North Adelaide clinic.

ABUS is designed to acquire ultrasound images of the breast using a 15cm wide field of view transducer that is scanned over the whole breast, in an automated fashion, to collect three dimensional (3D) ultrasound volume data.

While mammography is still the best method we have for early cancer detection, when performed in isolation, its effectiveness as an imaging tool is reduced for women with dense breasts.

Women with dense breasts – which is approximately 40% of women – have been shown to be at an increased risk of breast cancer. And in a recent study, ABUS together with mammography was shown to increase cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue.

As an adjunct to traditional mammography, an ABUS examination is a powerful tool for those women who have been demonstrated to have dense breasts under mammography (BIRADS C and D classification).

ABUS complements the other breast imaging tools we have at our disposal at Benson Radiology and forms an important part of an integrated solution for breast health.

Learn more about breast density

It's useful for woman to understand whether they have dense breasts and whether they are suitable for an ABUS examination. Watch this video that explains more.